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Brian Hicks

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1963, I grew up in an era in which a great majority of the art at the time was heavily influenced by the modernist work a decade before, with the insurgence of Mid Century modern design.

I began creating art works on canvas and board, painting in acrylic.  My first introduction to clay was while I attended grade school in 1972.

That experience changed the direction in my personal journey as a young artist.  I continued studying art-based courses from painting, drawing, photography, color theory and visual design.  I finished school earning a degree in visual merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

My work in clay has been a wonderful process over the past thirty years of self taught technique and skill.  I've studied such techniques from hand building with coils and slabs, incising, carving, slump work with slabs, casting works from plaster molds that I've made myself, not an easy task, but worth exploring.  I have worked mostly with Stoneware because of its durability, strength and easy work-ability.

My current works are visual, architectural, minimal, sometimes simple organic, animated pieces, heavily influenced by modernist, cubist artist from the past.