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Bruce Dunlap

About Bruce

Just a simple man from the Midwest with a dream.

I am a self taught illustrator and textile designer.

I have maintained a hand painted apparel business for 33 years (1983-2016).

In that time I have sold adult and children’s apparel to high end boutiques and specialty stores. As the markets changed, I began to paint custom yardage for interiors and home furnishings. Since the year 2000 I have focused on illustrating fantastic creatures and characters from my vivid and complicated imagination. Some of these characters include Penny (Mischievous Miscreant and Faithless Libertine), the Altar Eagle, Forearms, Crookneck, Whomsoever and Citrusia (Goddess of the Mineola). I create all my work by hand in my California studio. I combine my love of strong primary and secondary colors with a focus on pattern to bring my characters to life. I live in Palm Springs, California surrounded by headstrong felines and the occasional lizard who might drop by for a visit.