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Bruce Tunis

I was born in upstate New York in 1948.  I was not surrounded by art when i grew up in a small rural town but spent time in the library going thru all the books on art and architecture.  I was always interested in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. 

I had always enjoyed art classes in grade school.  Then when I was 10 a neighbor gave me my first set of oil paints, and that was the beginning of my painting career that would be my life ambition, thank you Mrs. Brown, I still have my first painting.

I headed to Los Angeles months after my graduation to attend The Chouinard Art Institute and finally to a big city with bigger experiences to broaden my outlook on life.  This was 1968 and everything was changing, with art, music, fashion and especially me.  It was a struggle just to get enough money for supplies, and I never let my parents know what was going on.  I always knew that eventually things would work out.

After years of working just to keep a roof over my head my break finally arrived.  A close friend of mine got a job working at a Hollywood design firm.  I was given a job painting a large mural on canvas that was shipped to Anchorage, Alaska.  This was an artist dream to be involved with a designer which gave me many assignments over the next 20 years.  I also acquired a few other design firms and architects on my own during this time.   Looking back now I had a great success producing works that ended up in many private homes.  I also created works for hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, banks, nightclubs and a racetrack in Santa Anita.

Now living in Palm Springs for just over three years, it's time to just paint for myself with no deadlines.   I have stored up many ambitions and ideas over the years and as an artist I now want to see what I can turn all that into.