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Christopher Williams

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, Christopher graduated high school in 1987.  He married right out of school and today says he is blessed with a wonderful daughter and two granddaughters.

Christopher started painting three years ago as a way of relieving stress and anxiety and has found it exhilarating and challenging.  In recent months he has shown at Studio 9, the 111 Art Show in Rancho Mirage, California, the Steven Chase Humanitarian Awards Kickoff Party and most recently at the Spectrum Contemporary Art Show in Indian Wells, California where he won the Launchpad Artist Award.  He will also be including his work at a few more shows very soon.

“My hope is that when you see my paintings, they will make you think.  Everyone seems to find different meanings in them.  Please feel free to interpret them as you feel fit and I hope you enjoy my work.  I love to think that when people look at my paintings they see that each piece has a life of its own – and that they are inspired the same way my art inspires me.”