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Ethan Narro

Ethan Narro was born in San Sebastian, Spain on April 4, 1970. Growing up he already demonstrated his creative talent by winning the first place in a local competition of Abstract Painting when he was just 8 years old.

At the age of 25 he relocated to Barcelona where he studied Industrial Design at Pompeu Fabra University. His vast knowledge in design and his particular style along with his ample experience have been the catalyst for the creation of unique objects and paintings giving birth to his own art gallery “Dolmas Barcelona”.

After his multiple visits to Miami he was particularly influenced by its beaches, its modern flare and its cosmopolitan population. Now he has relocated to Palm Springs, a city that has giving Ethan a new inspiration to create his newest collection.

I love all kind of styles and approaches to art, but being an abstract painter I am naturally drawn to like-minded artists and their work. The beauty of abstract art is that it triggers an abstract response. Color, texture and composition of forms create a chemistry that reacts differently with each and every person. I liken this to love or listening to a great jazz song. There is a freedom I admire — not just in the creation of the art, but in the perception of it as well. Some folks may ask “But what does it mean?” and maybe the answer isn’t “Whatever you want it to mean,” but rather, “Whatever it makes you feel.”

- Ethan Narro