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James W. Gallucci

Originally from Glens Falls, New York, James W. Gallucci’s artistic abilities started during his childhood years.  After excelling in art during high school, James became a 1986 graduate of The Rochester Institute of Technology, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.

For the next twenty-four years he would continue working as a designer creating logos, posters and designs for apparel.  During this time he was an exhibitor at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, CA in the summer of 1999, selling original watercolor & oil paintings.

In recent years, his digital art & design became a strong medium for his work.  The works of art on display here at Gallery500 are original designs, imprinted on metal.  In the process, the illustrations are heat infused onto a specially coated aluminum sheet, creating a scratch, water and UV resistant print.

These works depict James’ interpretations of living in Palm Springs for the last fifteen years.  He wants to create fun (sometimes with a sense of humor) graphics to which people who enjoy living in the desert can relate.

“I feel my artistic abilities along with these creations and many others are inherited from both of my parents, particularly my father who spent his entire life as an artist and who would one day become a fifty-five year Signature Member of The American Watercolor Society.”