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 Jeff Coleson

Jeff Coleson is a Palm Springs resident artist and designer who works with a variety of materials, primarily wood, but also metal, glass, plastic and paint.  His pieces are whimsical sculptures inspired by the midcentury-modern lifestyle of the 1950’s and ‘60s and the googie architectural signage of that period.  Functional in nature, Jeff’s work includes lighting, furniture, cabinetry and custom commissions.

Jeff grew up in South Bend, Indiana, where in the second grade he became interested in drawing and making things.  Monsters and hot rods were an obsessions and, thanks to the likes of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, his hero, Jeff was determined that art would be his lifelong passion.  After art school in 1972, Jeff teamed up with two other artists to create a custom retail leather shop called The Leather Banana.  The store became wildly successful and was soon the go-to place for bands like The Doobie Bothers.

At the same time, Jeff had his own band, playing every week at the leather shop and he also hosted a radio show at Notre Dame called Music America.  In 1976, Jeff left Indiana for Seattle where he worked until 2015 as a graphic designer and illustrator.  Now able to do his art his way and on his own terms, Jeff has the desire to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect his passion for whimsy, quality and positive outlook – and to hopefully always bring a smile to viewers’ faces.