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Sibio: Crazy For A Day

Sibio – is a small fashion/textile company launched by Linda Carmella Sibio.  Sibio is known on the underground art scene for her edgy, provocative performance/installation pieces that deal with strong social issues such as homelessness, mental illness (insanity), drug addiction, etc.  She has shown her work in the Out There series with the Walker Art Center and in the Asylum series with Creative Time and Franklin Furnace at the Anchorage in NYC.

Sibio has earned credibility as a visual artist in the last ten years and received positive reviews on her show, The Insanity Principle.  In 2008 she won the international art award, The Wynn Newhouse Award for her work.

She decided to start the Sibio company in an effort to develop a larger audience and to develop a cash flow for her fine art.  Website:

Hip Madness is a shirt series that makes insanity cool and turns it into a work of art.  The artist takes intense issues and brings to light the fun and colorful aspect of otherwise heavy emotions.  Each image is done from a line drawing developed especially for a T-shirt.

The Octa Root shirt series began as a mural for Ruth Denison who was a pioneer in bringing Buddhism to the west.  She enlisted me to design contemporary images for the 8 fold path.  The images are strange and weird which is why extreme people love this series.