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Simon Luckinbill

Born in Los Angeles, raised in NY and have been a self described  "flea on a hot rock" ever since.  After studying music, drums, percussion, poetry and nutrition, I found I had a passion for using color, texture and a hint of fantasy to express myself.  I find it cathartic to tell stories with art.  My inspiration comes from many sources; music, nature, vision quests, and, as a Christian, of course, God.

My work has, primarily, been acrylic on canvas and, although I believe there is no substitute for original art, I enjoy mixing mediums and, often, after I sell an original piece, I will photograph it and make a limited amount of stretched canvas Giclée Reproductions.  Sometimes I put them through a digital filter and create something brand new that I like even more.

All of the work on the walls of this show is original, but, I have made a few prints available, as well.

I hope you see something in my work that makes you think and feel.  Art is only about emotion.