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What do duct tape, travel and bold colors have in common? Tim Convery.  Convery, a New York design veteran, left his job as Vice-President, Creative Director for a major cosmetics company, moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts in 2010 and rediscovered his creativity to produce “Tim-Scapes.”   

Convery’s designs celebrate vintage travel posters utilizing his unique “Duct Type” typeface to create bold logos of over 50 American destinations.  Each design is a colorful, geometric icon highlighting a famous landmark that engages people to decipher the location. Convery’s art is also inspired by the minimal realism of Charley Harper and the vibrant work of Corita Kent. 

The genesis of “Tim-Scapes” began 20 years ago while Convery was wrapping presents for friends.  He started with plain brown paper and added duct tape, in a variety of colors to write a friend’s name.  His gift wrapping proved to be immensely popular and with the urging of a friend, he was encouraged to take his duct tape art to a new level.  After a well-received gallery show in Provincetown, “Tim-Scapes” was formed. Convery has never looked back. 

“Tim-Scapes” designs are part of a very successful apparel and merchandise collection found either online or at Convery’s store in Provincetown. And, due to Convery’s commitment to social responsibility, his “Tim-Scapes” line also includes designs created to benefit local and national non-profits. 

Convery lives in Truro, Massachusetts with his partner Billy Barmmer.