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Penny Doll

Penny Doll


Penny (alias: Penny Johnson)

In every paradise there is a serpent.  Penny is perhaps that entity. It is not clear if the term Bad Penny originated as a result of the presence of Penny or whether Penny formed her persona around the term.  No matter.

Penny was born from spontaneous generation under the leaden skies of the Pacific Northwest many moons ago.  Penny has never been apprehended, but curiously has been present at a number of crime scenes and natural disasters.  Coincidence?  You decide.

Say your prayers.  Keep away from open flame.  Do not stick arms, legs or head outside of open windows.  Dispose of waste properly.  Penny is out there and she cannot seem to help herself.

Penny's motto:  I'm not bad, I'm much worse.

12" tall, Penny comes in various styles and colors, but always sporting her signature metal washer earrings.

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